Sunday, August 31, 2008

54 years on

Today Barbara and I celebrate 54 years since our Labor Day weekend at Quaker Meadow. Little did we know what these years would be like. Three daughters, twelve grands and nineteen great grands. And all, who are of age, born again. How many more greats will there be? I say at a minimum ten. What will come from all of these people? Down the road I think many new people will find the Lord through the family.
As we look back on these 54 years, we see teh trail filled with people with whom we have had ministry in one way or another. They are scattered all across the map. What joy to see so many going on with the Lord in productive ministries.
I might be well for all who read this to take stock and rejoice over what you are leaving in your trail as life goes on. Plan for more in the future.
Blessings on each one who reads this. Poppa Robert and Grammy Barbara