Friday, January 25, 2008

Getting close to the once a month mark. Only event of real personal note was adding one more year to my history on the 4th of January. That was really nice. Now we need to see what we can do for my dear wife on 591/2 years on her 80th in March. An item of historical note is that Wayne Day is having fun typing in the letters I wrote during WW2. We thought it would be best to use iListen to speak them in, but his voice was such that it didn't work. But what a project. I told him that the longer he went the more interesting the letters would get. He says it is true already, especially since once you get out of basic training things do become more of interest.. And the letters are still in 1943 when we were still in the States. In March of 44 I went to Australia, to vist the Kangaross, Koalas, Emus and Duck-billed Platypusses. In typed form they will be easy to read. I will also go through them to edit them. A lot of nonsense in them about people none of you will have ever heard of and who I have forgotten. Like girl friends during my Army days. Not much to write but there.
In February two events. Speak at Vineyard in Downey on the 9th and we go to Mexico on the 21st.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Got going early this time

Great Holiday Season! Four super Sunday sermons and one terrific pageant. All tied together, amazing. I have written a tract called "The greatest discory ever" and it is doing well. As Robin and I were going over the art work, we wondered what to put on the largely blank back page. Put in a stock of books, then just a couple and then an idea hit me. How about a picture of Anders holding a sign saying "YOU ARE FAMOUS?" OK, much better, but wait, he is 18 months and you could never get him to hold still for a thing like that. So we came up with a carton circle that has him saying "You Are Famous." Terrific and that flaming red hair is really pretty. If you'd like a sample, let me know and I will mail some to you. We plan t get it printed commercially real soon, but what we have now is great.