Friday, June 20, 2008

Here we are again

I realize I do a lot of blogging, but in just a different form. This one needs attention as well. I think the most fun thing of late is the new little tract I had printed. It is about the easiest thing I've ever seen for getting into a conversation. Talking along and when things are doing well you go, "Say, what is your first name?" When they tell you say, "Well, I thought so as I have something with your name on it." Big chuckle. You pull out the tract and on the back you write, in the space under "YOU ARE FAMOUS" their name. "Did you know you were famous?" and off goes the conveersation. On my case, and in Uncle David's case, we can get into Great grand #17 and all that that engenders. Then I ask, "Do you know why you are famous?" and they always say they don't. So you turn to the front and point to the line saying "Your Name In The Word of God" and that always is a surprise. And they like it, 100% of them have! Then, hand it to them after you have put their name in the top space inside and say to have fun finding out why their name is in the WOG. Last week Paul Hansen in HI reported that he had a phone call from a lady saying she had trusted the Lord reading it. I can send 12 for $2.00 or 18 for $3.00. Based on weight, postage and printing costs. Non-profit except to the one who reads it. Poppa


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