Thursday, October 25, 2007

October has almost came and went

Before we get to the fire part, need to sayj I have been meeting weekly with the Biola nursing student. He is a very sharp guy and asks perseptive questions. We meet each Friday after Luch Bunch. Tomorrow there is a memorial service for Scott Gruendyke at 11 so we will meet at Biola at 12:30 and I will mis the Bunch. Last week he had question about World War 2 since I was in it. Wonder what he is leaering? He has The Gentle Touch by now, of course.
We have put out a tract based on TGT and Robin is working on it, a man in Modesto did the art work. When it is finished I plan to sen around a copy to everyone and see what people think of it.
Fires. Incredible. Four or five families at Granada own (ed) houses at Green Valley Lake, which is on the road between Running Springs and Big bear. Off to the nojrht. Pretty place, or it used to be. From what we know now only a few homes weree spared, but the final taly is not known. In San Diego County at leass 1200 homes have burned to the ground, and arsonists are in jail!! Can you imagien anyone with so demented a mind as to do that? Today (Thursday) it has been five days since it all started. The sky is clearer today, but still looks like it is couldy bot a cloud up there onl smoke and ashes.
Uncle Howqard and Gloria said they were going to have to evacuate but the wind changed and it wasn't nedded. Bu close, too close.
On a family note, J. Anders Jensen, all of 17 months old was here yeserday, walking all voer the place. I took him into the back yeard so he could see the trees, he loved it.


At October 27, 2007 at 4:21 PM , Blogger ShackelMom said...

I am sure that nursing student is learning a lot! He is blessed to be assigned to you! :-)

Thanks for the report on the fires. I wondered how close it got to Uncle Howard and Aunt Gloria. I am wondering if Julian was hit hard.

Arson! What a sad and terrible thing!

At October 28, 2007 at 2:12 PM , Blogger abuelo said...

Just reread my blog and realized that for whatever reason, after I spell cheeked it, the correct version did not get back in. Ugh Poppa
Chris, Gretchen and Anders were over Friday evening and when they drove up, G said that Anders popped up with, "Poppa!" He is learning a lot of words, sounds about the same as Amelia is doing.


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