Sunday, August 31, 2008

54 years on

Today Barbara and I celebrate 54 years since our Labor Day weekend at Quaker Meadow. Little did we know what these years would be like. Three daughters, twelve grands and nineteen great grands. And all, who are of age, born again. How many more greats will there be? I say at a minimum ten. What will come from all of these people? Down the road I think many new people will find the Lord through the family.
As we look back on these 54 years, we see teh trail filled with people with whom we have had ministry in one way or another. They are scattered all across the map. What joy to see so many going on with the Lord in productive ministries.
I might be well for all who read this to take stock and rejoice over what you are leaving in your trail as life goes on. Plan for more in the future.
Blessings on each one who reads this. Poppa Robert and Grammy Barbara

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is going on?

Spring has sprung, fall has fell, summer is here and it sure is hot. The excitement this week is/was lunch Monday here with a couple we met on the Med. cruise. The striking thing about the man is that he and I were on Biak island off the coast of New Guinea in 1944-45. He was in an Air Force outfit on a different airstrip, so no way to know him. But I did meet him at CBMC in Downey where he was for a long time. Tuesday for breakfast we had the Jr. High guy from Granada as I had a bunch of ideas for kids that age I wanted to run by him. I think this was a real ground-breaking event. Today, Wed. we have both Anders and Luke for lunch. Robin and David have been by to get some apples and tomatoes, and so it goes with us. On Saturday we go to LAX to pick up Ed and Luanne as they come in from Turkey. What else? Well Luke is going camping with friends for the weekend.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Here we are again

I realize I do a lot of blogging, but in just a different form. This one needs attention as well. I think the most fun thing of late is the new little tract I had printed. It is about the easiest thing I've ever seen for getting into a conversation. Talking along and when things are doing well you go, "Say, what is your first name?" When they tell you say, "Well, I thought so as I have something with your name on it." Big chuckle. You pull out the tract and on the back you write, in the space under "YOU ARE FAMOUS" their name. "Did you know you were famous?" and off goes the conveersation. On my case, and in Uncle David's case, we can get into Great grand #17 and all that that engenders. Then I ask, "Do you know why you are famous?" and they always say they don't. So you turn to the front and point to the line saying "Your Name In The Word of God" and that always is a surprise. And they like it, 100% of them have! Then, hand it to them after you have put their name in the top space inside and say to have fun finding out why their name is in the WOG. Last week Paul Hansen in HI reported that he had a phone call from a lady saying she had trusted the Lord reading it. I can send 12 for $2.00 or 18 for $3.00. Based on weight, postage and printing costs. Non-profit except to the one who reads it. Poppa

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Time out for a tooth

Er, maybe it should be time for a tooth out. To come out, which happened today to my rear right lower molar. The dentist we hve gone to for a long time said it was rotten to the core, and I thought he was talking about me. Anyway, that was then and so far there is nothing, no pain and the novacain has worn off.
We got a Spanish language magazine from Puebla with quite a story of the lectures I gave there on TGT. The lady got it 100% right, so much fun to read.
Getting geared up for Malta and the cruise. When that is over, I will have a five week elective teaching TGT, that will be fun, especially being able to show them how to use the new tract.Mom just had her date to teach WOW and she went through Zephniah, Zachariah and Haggai. Quite an assingment in one session. To round it out, I have three dates on the cruise ship to speak at the AM devotional time to our group of 25 people. So we manage to stay busy. I am going to leave the laptop home, and take a vacation from computers. When will Heidi get those kids in out of that snowstorm? Great blog from Luanne.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The really big news is that my brother of 84 years passed away on Tuesday the 12th. He was 87 and was suffering from a recurrence of cancer that had popped up 15 or more years ago. Then it was in his esophagus but now it was in his liver. At Philip and Abbie's wedding in August he came shuffling along, I'd never seen him like that. Gmother and I went tok visit him/then three weeks ago and his voice was a bit slurred and he wasn't moving very fast. Went to the hospital for tests ten days ago and they finally said there was nothing they could do for him, too far and too fast. Passed awy in his sleep Tuesday about 8:30 PM. Service at the Clubhouse on Sunday at 2. They live on a golf course for seniors. But best of all, it is reported that he made a profession of faith last Friday at the hospital, after having a wonderful letter from Jeri Lynn Dukes read to him. How wonderful! She was so anxious to know that her dad would join her and her family in heaven one day. And they will!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Getting close to the once a month mark. Only event of real personal note was adding one more year to my history on the 4th of January. That was really nice. Now we need to see what we can do for my dear wife on 591/2 years on her 80th in March. An item of historical note is that Wayne Day is having fun typing in the letters I wrote during WW2. We thought it would be best to use iListen to speak them in, but his voice was such that it didn't work. But what a project. I told him that the longer he went the more interesting the letters would get. He says it is true already, especially since once you get out of basic training things do become more of interest.. And the letters are still in 1943 when we were still in the States. In March of 44 I went to Australia, to vist the Kangaross, Koalas, Emus and Duck-billed Platypusses. In typed form they will be easy to read. I will also go through them to edit them. A lot of nonsense in them about people none of you will have ever heard of and who I have forgotten. Like girl friends during my Army days. Not much to write but there.
In February two events. Speak at Vineyard in Downey on the 9th and we go to Mexico on the 21st.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Got going early this time

Great Holiday Season! Four super Sunday sermons and one terrific pageant. All tied together, amazing. I have written a tract called "The greatest discory ever" and it is doing well. As Robin and I were going over the art work, we wondered what to put on the largely blank back page. Put in a stock of books, then just a couple and then an idea hit me. How about a picture of Anders holding a sign saying "YOU ARE FAMOUS?" OK, much better, but wait, he is 18 months and you could never get him to hold still for a thing like that. So we came up with a carton circle that has him saying "You Are Famous." Terrific and that flaming red hair is really pretty. If you'd like a sample, let me know and I will mail some to you. We plan t get it printed commercially real soon, but what we have now is great.