Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The really big news is that my brother of 84 years passed away on Tuesday the 12th. He was 87 and was suffering from a recurrence of cancer that had popped up 15 or more years ago. Then it was in his esophagus but now it was in his liver. At Philip and Abbie's wedding in August he came shuffling along, I'd never seen him like that. Gmother and I went tok visit him/then three weeks ago and his voice was a bit slurred and he wasn't moving very fast. Went to the hospital for tests ten days ago and they finally said there was nothing they could do for him, too far and too fast. Passed awy in his sleep Tuesday about 8:30 PM. Service at the Clubhouse on Sunday at 2. They live on a golf course for seniors. But best of all, it is reported that he made a profession of faith last Friday at the hospital, after having a wonderful letter from Jeri Lynn Dukes read to him. How wonderful! She was so anxious to know that her dad would join her and her family in heaven one day. And they will!


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